Sunday, 2 November 2008

Naughty Girl

After days of internet speculation - some of it courtesy of your increasingly depraved Heresiarch - the News of the World provided further details of the hardcore lesbian spanking video staring Andrew Sach's granddaughter. The Screws is, of course, sister paper to the Sun to which Georgina Baillie a.k.a. Voluptua gave an interview (for a reputed £40,000, which is what Ross, before his suspension, would have called two and half days work).

According to the write-up, which was accompanied by stills of much higher quality than have previously been available (via Popbitch originally), Miss Baillie "can also be seen romping on a hardcore website called Clothed Female, Nude Male." They also offer footage of her appearance in a cable "reality TV" show entitled Slut House.

Special Detention, I have discovered, was made by California Star productions, an adult video company specialising in fetish, spanking, bondage - and also tickling, which sounds altogether nicer. They are responsible for a long-running and apparently successful series entitled English Punishment, of which this film would appear to be a variation. According to the News of the World, Georgie's "bare bottom is whipped by a raunchy history teacher before she has sex with the blonde and another “schoolgirl”". A description I have found on a pay-per-view porn site is somewhat more explicit:

James and Gray, two of the naughtiest young women in St.Lukes have once again found themselves in detention hall. This time however the teacher in charge Mrs.Ravenscroft, a strict disciplinarian who is quick to use the cane despite it's recent ban by the courts. Rumors are that she uses a strap - on dildo, and if the women agree to be humiliated, she will lessen the degree of caning administered.

She readily spanks and canes the two leaving welts in their pretty bare bottoms .The girls are also made to spank each other before being bent over the desk for a lesson with the strap-on .This however turns the girls on after pleasing themselves they soon enjoy making love to one another on the conservatory floor.

No performers are credited by name, but the blonde Mrs Ravenscroft is portrayed in the film (I am fairly certain) by Jadie Reece, who is very well known in the world of spanking videos and parties. A former glamour model, she has been involved in the scene for several years and is extremely well-regarded (indeed, beloved) by corporal punishment enthusiasts and by her co-stars. As "Jadie", she appears in several further CalStar videos available on the same site. In most of her roles, as in life, Jadie takes the submissive part. To see Baillie turn up on the same set as the renowned JR was actually rather surprising: the CP scene, I had learned earlier this year, was a close-knit world at some remove from the rest of the porn industry. And Georgina Baillie is not a regular member of that scene.

With her (some might say reckless) desire to profit from her notoriety she certainly - as I noted the other day - stands in marked contrast to the discretion shown by the women in the Max Mosley case. Perhaps her association with the spanking scene was too casual or short-lived for her to internalise the code of Omerta under which it operates. There's no doubt that her actions have alienated some who might otherwise have been sympathetic to her. Mistress Switch, for example - a model of elegant discretion in such matters - was tonight heard to opine that Voluptua had "now completely lost my sympathy for playing the poor victim whilst milking it to the maximum and enjoying the publicity." Indeed, La Switch added,

I don't believe if you get the dirt slung at you, you should then sling it right back and make a tidy profit and raise your own profile. Dashing to Max Clifford and making out you're whiter than white? She's no victim. One could almost say this has been manufactured. Naive maybe but if she'd had said nothing, maybe this story wouldn't have been blown out of all proportions and other people wouldn't have been dragged into the story.

True bdsmers enjoy playing in peace and quiet without the attention of the press under any circumstances.

That's telling her.

The back cover for Special Detention lists the date of production as Feb 27th 2008, which along with other evidence suggests that Georgina's move into the porn business is relatively recent. Although it might also be seen as the culmination of a period lasting at least five years, during which she has been a fetish model, a burlesque dancer, a bit-part actress, a presenter for Redemption TV (a cable channel associated with the Satanic Sluts) and, earlier this year, a dominatrix. Images from the CFNM site, and accompanying descriptions, reveal that her performance in two films stopped just short of penetrative sex with a male performer. In one, entitled Jason Davidson,

Georgina Baillie and a female board of directors evaluate a new rugby player by stripping him down and getting nasty with him. The granddaughter of Andrew Sachs helps examine the naked man’s c*** and a**.

Then sex-crazed Georgina excitedly delivers a firm paddling to his bare ass while straddling him. She hungrily milks his cock while he’s naked on all fours on the table.

Hogarth would have had great fun, I suspect, with the tale of this young lady, granddaughter of a well-loved and respected comic actor, advancing deeper and deeper into the sex industry. Whether it represents the triumph of feminism and sexual liberation or moral disintegration is unclear; but if I were Andrew Sachs I would find these revelations far more distressing than the news that she had spent a couple of nights with a talented if dissipated comedian.

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