Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Goodbye to all that?

Here are some pictures from the CAAN/Backlash demo last sunday - the eve of the coming into force of the "extreme images" ban. Thanks to Clair Lewis for letting me have them.

Mark Mackenzie

The lady with the "Big Brother is Watching You Masturbate" sign is the renowned spanking model and scene icon Pandora Blake. More pictures, together with a first-hand account of the day, on her highly recommendable blog.

Bruno Deflorence

Taking centre stage here, erotic fashion photographer Ben Westwood, who last time led a group of chained fetish models around Westminster. One of the "slaves", Jade (more conventionally dressed this time) is busy texting.


Here's Clair herself looking at home in front of a TV camera. She later turned up on the BBC Ten O'Clock news.

What would Winston make of it all, I wonder?


Another proud day in the life of the Home of Democracy.

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