Friday, 28 August 2009

Total Fiddlesticks

A day late, I discover that Heresy Corner ranks at no 30 in the "Right of Centre" category of this year's Total Politics poll. That's a miserable 7 places higher than last year, when my average daily readership was less than a third of what it is today. From that I conclude that most readers didn't bother to vote for me. Pooh. (But if you did, a thousand thankyous.) I'm less popular than Nadine Dorries. Or even Boatang and Demetriou. How the hell did that happen?

I demand a recount.

I'm happy to congratulate my evident superiors, though, including Leg-Iron and the Epistolary Conservative, who had a tremendous result at 14.

I also take some consolation from the fact that I didn't debase myself this year by soliciting votes, and in any case Heresy Corner is not a committed, one-dimensional political blog like many others on the list. "Right of centre" is also by far the largest category, with 491 blogs in the Total Politics database. Annoyingly, if it had been placed in the libertarian category (which I think it qualifies for) it would have come in at more impressive-looking number nine.

I note, by the way, that more than 2000 blogs are listed in the TP directory, while only around 1,500 people bothered to vote (or could think of ten blogs to vote for). I've had afternoons with more hits than that. So the result is utterly meaningless, except in a willy-waving sort of way. The real result, the top 100, will be revealed in a couple of days time. I anticipate humiliation.


Mikey said...

Well, I voted for you! And I didn't vote for Nadine.

The Heresiarch said...

I would remember you in my prayers. Sadly, I don't pray.

Anonymous said...

At least you improved your place. I note with interest that ConservativeHome has fallen massively in the Wikio ratings. Most of the top places are dominated by Libertarian/ Liberal orientated sites.

In anycase, when the full listing comes out, I do hope you beat Holy Smoke. You are far better than any drivel Damian Thompson comes out with!

The Heresiarch said...

I don't think Thompson's actually in the contest. Not sure why.

Edwin Moore said...

Am baffled H - posted on Heresy Corner with my list and reasons why and it has mysteriously cropped up (in part) on the front page

The Heresiarch said...

Sorry about that Edwin. What happened was that I had second thoughts about this post and consigned it to the dungeon where no doubt it belongs. It was only up at HC for about two minutes. Fortunately, I rescued your comment from the Intense Debate cache.

Edwin Moore Said...

Heresiarch old buddy, I voted for you - here was my top ten

1 - Heresy Corner
2 - Frank Fisher
3 - Cath Elliot's Too Much to Say place
4 - Liberal Conspiracy
5 - Olching's blog
6 - The Untrusted (Cif Refugee site)
7 - cynical steve (even dead and writing about poetry, steve is better on politics than just about any living blogger)
8 - Dale's Diary
9 - Alex Cochrane at the Torygraph
10 - Guido

You, Frank and Cath walked into the top three then I struggled a bit.

- Liberal Conspiracy is pretty good but I have just had a falling out with them over some guy who told me (and all of America) to fuck off and Sunny wasn't quite convincing in his defence; I have therefore fucked off (and told Sunny his site was a boys' club, like Glasgow Uni's pre-integrated male student union under Charles Kennedy but without the laughs - god, so without the laughs, as the young 'uns say)

- Olching cos I like the guy and he writes well

6 - Untrusted cos the gab is good

7 - cynical steve because although dead and a poet his insights included the political realm (he was fab)

8, 9, 10 - well I occasionally drop into them all and the threads are often lively in a good way.

Edwin Moore said...

I am absolutely hopeless at all this - am amazed I managed to vote at all!

David Gerard said...

Huh. Wonder where would be put in the spectrum. (I'm actually an old-Labour dinosaur by personal inclination, but the government offers so much material!)

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