Thursday, 19 May 2011

Off topic

Some rather strange comments have appeared beneath Laurie Penny's anti-princess rant in the New Statesman, not all of them clearly related to the subject in question. For example this from "Mr Divine", responding to "Buckskins":

I miss Stuart too .. we had some great moments. He'll look back and realise that the engage he had with me was a pivotal moment in his life. That and his new girlfriend.

The whipping scene was ace, him trying to pull me off my camel, and me whipping him on his tiny willy with my diamond tipped whip. Those were the days. But I miss his Big Issue stories and unique perspective on todays events.

Was I hard? I was hard and I was soft. You were just soft soft to him. I made him angry, and I made him laugh at himself and at those words that made him angry. He said more than once how much he enjoyed his engages with me. Of course he liked you because you were nice to him, but he loved me because I made him laugh and cry.

The site could probably do with some moderation. Just saying...

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Elly said...

I think Mr Divine may have been banned now from NS as I am pretty sure it was he who impersonated me under Steven Baxter's post about Pippa Middleton's bum.

They need moderation and a register/log-in system.

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